Hotel Chennai Le Palace

A break from the routine means different things to different people. And that is the reason why at the Hotel Chennai Le Palace you will find a choice of thing s to do to match your mind you could choose to be in the pool or snooker play or gym. perhaps the coziest spa in Chennai . Emerge at the Hotel Chennai Le Palace is a one of its kind destination. you could choose to experience an hour long de stress massage. you will find yourself being guided by highly experienced person who will coax out the excesses and the negative energies from your body.

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you re lounging in a quiet room with soft lighting on a cozy overstuffed chair wearing one of those luxuriously soft robes You re sipping a cup of calming hot tea Your mind and body ease into a relaxed state A spa attendant instructs you in a soft voice to Read more>>


Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.


To cool down in the summer months if sea water does not appeal to you Hotel Chennai Le Palace boasts sparkling swimming pool located alongside the Hotel The pools are open in daylight hours throughout the year and all residents of Hotel are welcome to make use of them free Read more>>


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